Wednesday, September 24, 2008

From high fashion to

When does fashion go over the line? When does high fashion turn to huh? fashion? I don't consider myself to be too fashionable. It's too much to keep up with and I have better things to do like keep up with old episodes of "I love Money," I mean "The Hills," I mean...okay I don't watch any quality TV, but it's still more interesting to me then wearing Pucci (Yes, Pucci, not Gucci).

Today I saw this girl walking down the street and I'm not sure I would call her high fashion, but she was making a statement, however, it was a statement that should've been made in 1984. From her shoes to her hair it was straight out of Square Pegs. I know she was being fashionable and hipster-y, but honestly even the hair was permed! She had on a cloth tight skirt a totally 80's top and some white ankle I missing something or was this a bad idea?

I get mixing trends up, but I just feel like when you go hair to toes it's overkill. I suppose this is why I don't work on Fashion Ave...oh wait I do. Well, I don't work IN fashion and there's probably many good reasons for that. One being that they probably don't take too kindly to squirrel shirts (I have one and I wear it and I like it).

P.S. I feel as though half-naked Tom Selleck on a phone that isn't plugged in is a good representation of the 80's.

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Audra said...

Your photographic representation of the 80s made me laugh.