Sunday, September 21, 2008


So last night I went out with some work friends. These events are typically a bit awkward because most of the time you don't want to be "sociable" with your coworkers outside of the painful 9 hours a day you already spend with them, but I digress.

So we're sitting around drinking and the guy sitting next to me keeps texting someone. I knew he didn't have a girlfriend, so I wondered who else could possibly be all up in his business. Me, being the hilarious person that I am, made the unique joke about his bestie being his girlfriend and he replied, "basically." Then he laughed and said "we're straighting." Little did my coworking friend know, but he just inspired one whole blog dedicated to his witty response.

After hearing this term I decided I was going to steal it, but since I'm not Biden I will give credit where it is due (sorry Mr. Biden I will still vote for you). In case you didn't pick up on this in paragraph 1 straighting is when you have a same sex best friend who you talk to so much they might as well be your boyfriend. Although I wanted to make fun of my friend I knew that I was guilty of straighting as well.

My best friend in college and I were horrible straighters. We talked about 8 times a day. We were always at each other's apartments. We also really didn't make any decisions without consulting the other. I used to tell her I would be calling my boyfriend had I had one, but since I didn't I call her. I would say straighting is a great alternative to actual dating. No feelings, no weirdness, no jealousy, it's perfect...except for the lack of booty I suppose (I mean if you're into that sort of thing).

I would suggest straighting to anyone out there who is sick of the opposite sex or if you just like your bestie more than most of the boys/girls that you meet. Although your friends might think you're weird...or gay, they just don't understand the completely natural, oddly close relationship that warrants constant contact and confiding in your same-sex but totally straight best friend. And you know what they don't have to get it because you already have all you need.

Dedicated to Shan, my bestie.

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