Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Narcissus and Jules, The Gods of Vanity

So once again it has been a while, but I'm trying to be better about writing down my ideas so I can remember them and tell you all about my funnies!

So I have been told more than once that sometimes I can be a bit narcissistic (I can safely say all of those times have been from my sister), however, I think everyone occasionally catches their own reflection in the mirror and stares for a bit. Typically this behavior is not really seen by anyone or if it is people know what you're doing and just roll their eyes (or admire you as well). But sometimes when you don't realize the reflective surface you are gazing into is actually not a mirror, but a window it can cause a very awkward situation.

Okay, okay, sometimes I look at myself in mirrors and there is that ocassional time when the mirror happens to be a window and there is someone on the other side visibly creeped out by your extraordinarily long gaze at them, when it is really an extraordinarily long gaze at oneself. So this particular time the person on the other side of the mirror (window) was a young woman probably about my age, so I'm not sure if she thought I was hitting on her or not. So when I noticed her staring at me because I was staring at me as well I gave her an awkward wave and turned back towards the front of the table I was sitting at. (I felt the awkward wave told her I was really staring at my own reflection when actually it probably solidified her thought that I was checking her out). I then tried to pretend nothing happened.

The moral of the story here kids is if you are going to be vain please make sure no one is on the other side of the mirror/window. Feel free to do it on the subway or in the bathroom or perhaps in the counters at your local department store, but be careful because you never know what is on the other side.

( I googled mirror window and this creepy photo is what popped up so I went with it!)