Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Blame Dukakis

So my bestie from grad school and I were out on the town one night in grand ol' Boston, the city of brotherly bros. I kept telling my newish bestie that I'm awkward and when I hit on men I tend to insult them. Well, maybe insult is too strong. I poke fun at them because everyone wants someone that can give them a hard time right? I think I would like someone that made fun of me right out the gate! ...hmm perhaps this is also a problem of mine.

Anyway, so I see this cutsey boots Harvard Business School looking dude. I know, judge away, but sometimes I like men that wear suits to bars. Being the amazing lady casanova that I am I take some time and think of a perfect line to lay on Mr. HBS that will have him swooning over my hot self in no time!

So I take my swagger over to the bar area and lay down this gem, "You know I think those eyebrows went out of style after Dukakis lost the election." (I was told lots of people don't know who Dukakis is so I will tell you.)

Michael Dukakis: was the democratic nominee in the 1988 election to George Bush. He has very bushy eyebrows and he is known for them. This dude did know who Dukakis is because he happened to be working for Duval Patrick, the governor of Massachusetts, where Dukakis was also governor at one time.

Yes, he had big eyebrows. I believe I followed that line up with something about caterpillar eyebrows, but I can't be sure. I took his silence as a need to further clarify how bushy I thought his eyebrows were, but I still thought he was cute...that was my point.

My bestie would not stop laughing at me and she did finally believe how awkward I become when it comes to hitting on guys. I tried to tell her and she's the one that left me alone in the bar to come up with pick up lines on my own. So really it's her fault.

UPDATE: Caterpillars ended up making out with someone who wasn't me. I know, you're shocked.

It's been a while

Naturally, it's been a while since my last post. I spent my summer teaching in Honduras and traveling in Central America a bit. I will be posting some antics from my trip soon so please stay tuned all three of my faithful readers!