Friday, February 20, 2009


So, I know podcasts have been out for a long time, but I'm finally catching on to how awesome they are.  I always feel semi inadequate compared to all of my cultured New York City coworkers.  They read the New Yorker, they see indie movies, they listen to smart people podcasts, etc...  I decided that I could do at least one of these things in an effort to seem as cool as they are.

I have come across three of the best podcasts ever (I say this having only listened to about 20 different podcasts, but still trust me).  There is this website called How Stuff Works, they also happen to have two podcasts called "Stuff you missed in History Class" and "Stuff you Should Know."  I'm not sure if those are the exact names, but I'm too lazy to look it up so you will have to deal with it.  The history class podcast is an unbelievable source of useless but fun information.  Today I learned that Marco Polo actually brought pasta back to Italy from China!  The Italians actually didn't come up with pasta the Chinese did!!  Crazy town.  I also learned where the phrase "peeping Tom" came from and many other fun facts.  I have to warn you that the hosts have really annoying voices, but when you think of how many games of trivial pursuit you will win you suffer through for the good of the nation.

The other stuff you should know podcast is awesome as well.  It has taught me all about bootlegging and that bootlegging actually ended up creating Nascar!  I know, so interesting!  So check it out.  The third best podcast would have to be This American Life.  Ira Glass has a nice and calming voice and the stories are very interesting.  These are all free so you have no excuse not to check them out.

These are my nerd tips of the day.  I have to think "Carolyn" (I put your name in quotes as if it was just allegedly your name) for her support and request of new blog.  There is more to come I am feeling awfully creative lately.