Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My June reading.

Originally I wanted to start a blog so that I could write about book reading, because it's one of my favorite things to do. Now, I'm not sure if anyone will actually read this, but in case they do I will blog about the last couple books I have read.

Book 1 Alan Greenspan. Although it took me a long time to get through I found it to be very informative. It was long and boring, but it had lots of good stuff in it even for someone with limited economic knowledge like me. The first half he discusses his life and where he came from, how he got to the position he's in now etc. The second half goes over about every major country's economic woes and then some. I learned a lot and probably missed out on a lot of information because of my inability to remember numbers or statistics. I would recommend this book, but it is dry and it takes a while to muddle through all of the information thrown at you. It's also a little scary as you see where our economy is headed, but it's also hopeful because Greenspan reminds us that every recession brings with it growth...it just might take a while.

Book 2 "A Church in Search of Itself" It is a book about the Catholic church's hierarchy, the progressions it's made (or hasn't made), the problems within, and a good look at the past and present Pope. Overall I enjoyed this book, I liked reading about something I really didn't know all that much about. I am Catholic so I knew the basics, but I didn't know anything about JP 2's background and knew even less about Pope Benedict. The author was also a former Jesuit so he wasn't attacking the hierarchy as many do, but there's a certain amount of history that needs to be understood as to why the church sometimes acts the way it does and he definitely had that knowledge. He gave some great insight into how things operate and the sad direction the church might be headed if it doesn't start to catch up the ever changing society it's very own members live in. I can't say I'm a big fan of Pope Benedict after reading this, but I'll keep those opinions to myself and allow you to read the book for yourself.

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