Monday, June 30, 2008

Making up words or Wordocology

Word play is so tricky these days. Everyone always trying to outsmart each other with bigger and better words. Does anyone really remember more than three of their ACT/SAT words? And then the there's the GRE you are forced to memorize all these damn words when honestly...who EVER uses those words?? There's a reason college educated adults don't know the meaning of them either.

Well, I've taken on a different way to impress people...I like to make up my own words; however I base them on real words, so that people don't really know if they're words or not. Now, some of them are easy to figure out like the made up word, "douchy." (Sorry mom, but I do say that word). It means jerk or "douchebag" like. That one is an easy one, but a word like "animotic," seems to fool people pretty well or they give me a face, but since they don't really know for sure they say nothing and wait until later to pull it up on, only to realize of course that I made it up. (By the way it means to be done with animosity). I made up the word because I didn't have any other word to say that really described what I was trying to get across, so I made them up. Now, most of you might say well then perhaps you should get a bigger vocabulary. Well, why on earth would I do that when making up words is so much fun? Most of the time people don't want to seem stupid so they don't question your made up words if they are good enough. Most people can't really correct you (unless you're Dave Rukavina (my dad) and then you don't have a problem knowing obscure words), because even if they think the word is wrong they're not certain, so they say nothing. I am not saying that I would be able to figure out if someone made up a word when speaking to me. That's the beauty of it, everyone confusing each other all the time. It's a wonder we all feel stupid and just watch "Who wants to be a Millionare," in order to feel smart, because who doesn't know all of the answers to that show?

And for the people that use those big words and do know what they mean...well you need a hobby.

P.S. When I spell checked this my made up words got highlighted and I felt so proud. If you have any words to add please leave comments, because I'm always looking for more made up words to use on people.


Kristy said...

How about "fummy"? Oh wait.

JURU said...

Haha fummy...and he didn't even mean to make that word up.