Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Animals Love Snacks

So I begin...a few times in my life I have been told to write a book or something of that nature, so this is it. Although this is no book I feel like it's the lazy man's book...a blog. I will begin by talking about myself, because that's what blogs are all about. Blogs to me are to make people feel self important by dedicating one whole web page to themselves where they hope people will come and read what they have to say, then if it's any good they will go around to all of their friends and talk about how funny, sad, or pathetic your blog sounds compared to their 2nd cousin's blog. Now, that being said I hope mine is JUST as pathetic as the next person's and that will now be my goal.

I was actually going to start this blog months ago, but in my typical Julie fashion it took me a while to do it. Why am I so lazy you ask? I'm not sure I like to tell my crazy Christian friends it's just the way God made me and for my agnostic heathen friends I will just say because I am and I like it, so get off this. I hope this blog will capture my humor, wit, personality, quirkiness, and most of all humility. I will be guided by the things that I like to write about...so mostly me, but maybe I'll talk about squirrels, owls, snacks, family, books, bad TV, bad politics, Amy Sedaris, dating associates, regular associates, hobos, hookers, and bums (especially the ones that hang outside my apartment). I feel like I have so much catching up to do!

My friends tell me that I tell them the same stories over and over again and although I have no idea what they're talking about this will be my chance to just tell the story once and let everyone I know (because they will all be reading this) read the story on me blog.

I will begin by telling you about myself. I like fatty snacks. That ranges from tortilla chips to peanut butter. I have one very funny sister that inspires much of my humor and two parents. They are funny sometimes too, but not always on purpose. They are great and supportive parents though and I love them lots. I have a delightful group of close friends that make my life great and keep me in line along with a few very close friends that I couldn't get along with out. I live in the city of ill repute known as New York City and sometimes work in TV and documentary film making. I wish that I was motivated enough to make my own documentary, but instead I just work on other people's great ideas. I like awkward humor and poop jokes, but I don't often laugh at your average comedian's jokes. I am sensitive, caring, and a bit obsessive...okay a lot obsessive. I love and hate people all at the same time. I talk too much, have too many opinions that change on a daily basis and I am extremely passionate (about certain things). I watch way too much TV, but I also read a lot. I feel like a good dose of Tolstoy can balance out Rock of Love 2. I think this may be me in a nut shell, but when do people actually have an accurate view of who they are? I will end with sometimes on this blog I will try to be funny and fail...so just let me know when I suck.

Oh yes! The title is a quote from Amy Sedaris, but it is true animals do indeed love snacks...and so do I.

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