Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ugly Americans

I just finished a book I borrowed from my sister called Ugly Americans. It was pretty good and a fast read. The book is about 1990's American investors took advantage of the Asian stock market and managed to make millions. I do not understand enough about the American stock market, much less the Asian market to explain how exactly they did this, but they did and at the expense of always.

John Malcolm is the lead character and although he's a real person his name was changed. He basically got involved in the business straight out of undergrad not having any clue what he was getting into. After learning the ropes, seeing some people bottom out, and realizing what he had gotten himself into...he left, but not before scoring some major moola. Although the author makes him out to be the good guy amongst a bunch of bad guys. I'm not sure if I buy that, but I wouldn't have minded making 500 million in a few years and then retiring at age 26.

Overall an okay book. Well written and everything, worth the read since it's suspenseful and easy to get through. I recommend.

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