Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hungry, Hungry Hobo...or not

Now, I know everyone probably thinks I can't write about anything but hobos, but they are around in my everyday life so I can't escape them. Here is today's story...

Most of the time my job is pretty lame. TV sounds cool, but most of the time we just work a lot and don't get paid a lot. Every once in a while you get to do a cool interview or you see someone cool in the building, but that's about it. Today was a double fun day...I met Simon Doonan (the creative director at Barney's and TV personality) and Glenn O'Brien. For those of you who don't know either of these people you should google them. Glenn O'Brien is the Editorial director/co-editor of Interview Magazine. A magazine started by Andy Warhol back in the day. He casually dropped the first time he and Warhol saw David Bowie perform and how he convinced Andy to let Bowie stay despite the mime act he began with. Often times I'm not impressed by celebrities and what not, but this was pretty damn cool to me.

So on to the of the few perks we have when we shoot is a free lunch. Today I ordered a delicious chicken wrap, but only had time to eat half of it. I decide that since the other half is untouched I would give it to the first hobo I saw. Well it's about 80 degrees outside and I see this woman right at the door to the 34th st subway station. She is dressed in a heavy jacket, a blue large winter hat, and she is sitting on a suitcase, but for some reason I say to myself, "No, this lady isn't crazy." Well I offer her my lunch and make sure to tell her I haven't touched it and all she does is shake her change cup at me. I laughed (and then imagined her kicking me down the subway stairs for laughing at her). She didn't kick me or anything, but she couldn't have been that down and out or I would like to think she would have accepted my food.

Then as I get off the subway at my stop I see one of my neighborhood hobos outside the local McDonalds. He has no shoes on, his shirt is open, his pants are dirty, and he is eating a bag of Doritos he literally just pulled out of the trash. I say to myself, "perfect!" a genuinely hungry hobo who will really need my chicken wrap. Well he pushed it away and says no...

So is it me? Or are the hobos in NYC not really hobos at all? If I had to pick Doritos out of the trash I think I would also accept untouched chicken wraps, but I suppose he is not me. I know I am ignorant for expecting people to be grateful for what I give them, but I really don't think that on a rational level. I just assume when people are hungry they will eat food. Silly me. Oh well, I put in the trash and hoped someone nice would pick it up.

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