Friday, July 11, 2008

To Eat or Not to Eat

During a recent conversation with my sister about how and why the DC Metro does not allow people to eat in the subway and why the New York City subway does not share such a rule. When considering which subway my sister rather eat in she said definitely DC and I had to agree. Our next question was; How do they enforce such a rule? I was told that in DC people are ticketed heavily for being caught eating or drinking in the subway, which in theory would get people not to do things. However, I have definitely sat in a subway car with guy smoking a blunt before. It may have been at about 3am on the F train in Brooklyn, but still he did it with cops only being one subway car away. He also made us promise not to tell anyone (he may or may not have been cracked out). All that aside I just don't feel like New Yorkers would follow such a rule, because they don't really follow many of the rules already in place.

The excellent point my sister made was that the subway she rather have a turkey sandwich on is the very one where she might get ticketed for doing so. So can you not eat on the DC train because they don't want it to be as disgusting as the NY Subway? Or is the NY subway disgusting because people are allowed to eat on it? I'm not sure food alone could make the NY subway system as gross as it is. I think it's more a lack of maintenance and indifference by it's riders to clean up after themselves. How do they keep the DC Metro so damn clean? I can't possibly think it's based on the no eating rule alone. Maybe it will always be a mystery...

I think this is a case that will not be solved. It should be put up there with "Is Santa Claus really real?" Until it is figured out I will continue to eat my pop-tarts on the subway and try hard not to think about all of the little particles of rat poop flying up and sticking to the jelly as the subway car passes by. Gross? Maybe, but I like to think I am just building up my immune system for when the next black plague hits. We'll see how well the DC population fares when that happens.

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