Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lady poops a little

Well I must digress from my typical facebook political rants because my sister will divorce me from being her sister if I blog about such things. So what's best after politics...poop I say!

I know this is gross, but since only four people read this none of them being my mom I think it's a fair topic. Dr. Oz (from Oprah's show) says that your poop is the greatest way to really look at your health. If your poop is off odds are you are off too! Well that brings me to my next point my poop is off, therefore, I am off.

I have digestive "issues" to say the least. I don't get to poop too often, so when I do it's quite an event. Have you ever waited all day for something so special and then when it comes you get that giddy joyous feeling that only cake can bring a fat kid? Well that's what pooping, or poopong when I'm texting, is like for me. I know pooping is so gross and overrated to you, but honestly when you don't get to do it when you want it becomes an important event. One that you value and enjoy contemplating. So appreciate your poops because they are like a box of chocolates and you never know what you're gonna get.

(Let me also add that this was the LEAST offensive picture that shows up when you google image poop. If you think I'm sick for blogging about it, you should check out the people that put their own poop online).


Carolyn said...

Ha! A girl came to my door for a scavenger hunt and needed a granola bar. All I had were fiber bars. I turned scarlet red when I gave it to her (yet somehow I can post about it without blushing)


Audra said...

I think it's wonderful that you can talk so freely about your poop. Pooping is one of those things that is universal across all ages, races, and religions. Are you sure you're off? Maybe you just don't need to poop very often.

carrie said...

oh jules...during my next poo, i'll think of you!